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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it cost to use this service?

  2. How do I post jobs to the board?

  3. Why is my city not listed when I register my company?

  4. Why is there an Education question before registering?

  5. How long will my posting be listed on the web site?

  6. How may my company advertise on the web site.

  7. Am I able to edit my job postings?

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  1. The Job Board is absolutely free and does not cost a penny for companies and individuals to use.

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  3. First, you need to establish an account by going to our registration page. Once you are registered, you may post your jobs by going to the posting page.

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  5. The job board service is exclusive to communities in Monroe & Randolph Counties and the communities of Dupo, Marissa, and New Athens in St. Clair county.

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  7. Although the job board service is limited to companies in Monroe & Ranolph Counties and a few communities in St. Clair, the posting service is available to schools in the Learning Technology Hub 5 Area.

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  9. Your posting will remain on the web site for up to a year. However, you may select how long you want your posting to remain on the job board?

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  11. We do not advertise or sell advertisement on this website. The Regional Office of Education is a non-for-profit organization that serves to support the schools in Monroe-Randolph schools. If you are interested in adding your business name to the site, please contact us at the Regional Office.

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  13. Yes, to edit your postings you need to logon to your account. Once logged on you can administrate all of your postings. Start by going to Account Logon.

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